Browser compatibility

The Piano At Home platform uses relatively new technology that may only recently have been added or may not yet have been added to the web browser you are using. Before doing any other trouble-shooting, please check the table below to ensure the browsers being used by both teacher and student have the required support.

Browser nameMinimum supported versionDate released
IE (Internet Explorer)Not supported
Edge79Jan 15, 2020
Firefox44Jan 27, 2015
Chrome56Jan 25, 2017
Safari11Sep 19, 2017
Opera43Feb 7, 2017
iOS SafariiOS 11.0Sep 19, 2017
Opera MiniNot supported
Android Browser81Apr 21, 2020
Opera Mobile46Sep 23, 2016
Chrome for Android84Jul 14, 2020
Firefox for Android68Sep 3, 2019
UC browser for AndroidNot supported
Samsung InternetNot supported
QQ browserNot supported
Baidu browserNot supported
KaiOS browser2.5Jun 1, 2018
Brave browserunknown

Troubleshooting guide

Cannot connect properly

Possible cause


The student may not have started their application by clicking on the student link. …or, the student application may be waiting for the student to allow the use of the camera and audio.

Contact the student if possible to help them through the steps to start the application.

Either the teacher’s or student’s web browser has become unstable.

On the main device, close all browser tabs and close the browser completely. Close all other apps on the device. Then tap the link again to launch the app. Contact the student if possible and have them do the same.

If the problem persists after trying all of the above then the device’s operating system may have become unstable.

Power the main device down and back up again. Then tap the link again to launch the app. Contact the student if possible and have them do the same.

No sound (but video is working)

Possible cause


This may be due to a known bug in older browsers.

Try pressing the white button with the black X to close the application and then after the purple screen appears tap the screen to restart the application. Wait for the connection to be established again and see if the problem has been fixed.

If the above step does not fix the problem the browser or operating system may need to be updated.

Ensure your device has the latest operating system and the browser you are using is the latest version for your device.

Strange sound on either end of the connection.

Possible cause


As with the “No sound” issue above, this may be due to a known bug in older browsers.

Follow the steps shown above for the “No sound (but video is working)” resolution.

Student’s piano video stops part way through the lesson

Possible cause


The student’s phone battery may have gone flat.

Ask the student to check their phone and if the battery is flat either persevere and continue the lesson without the student’s piano video feed or ask the student to plug in a power cable or use another device.