Do students need to register?

No, only teachers need to register and pay a subscription. You can teach as many students as you want with no limitation on the length of lessons as long as your subscription remains current.

Is there a limit to the length of lessons?

No, there is no limit to the length of lessons as long as your subscription remains current.

Do I need to buy special hardware?

The Piano At Home platform uses common everyday devices such as mobile phones, tablets and laptops that most teachers and students will have on hand already. There is no need to purchase special hardware like webcams etc.

Do I need to download an app?

No, Piano At Home uses web-based applications that run in the web browser already present on your device. The only caveat is that both the device and browser need to be reasonably modern in order to support the technology needed for the platform.

Are all devices supported?

Most modern devices and browsers support the technology needed to run the Piano At Home platform but older devices or browsers may not. If your browser shows an error message saying that the platform is not supported you will need to try a different browser or device.

Are group lessons supported?

No, at this stage only private (one-on-one) lessons are supported.

Can I use a single device?

As of release version 1.4 (30-May-2020) single devices are supported.

The platform now starts with a single device connection (teacher to student) and then automatically adds the piano cam view from either end if used.