Designed for online piano lessons

Piano At Home is an online learning platform specifically designed for piano lessons. It provides an online learning experience that is much closer to physical face to face lessons than is possible with conventional online collaboration platforms (like Zoom).

This learning experience is achieved by providing three simultaneous video streams, one for face to face interaction and two to show hands on the piano keyboard from both ends of the connection.

Face to face and piano keyboard views are merged together so that there is no need to move anything around to change camera angles during the lesson.

This provides the best possible teaching and learning experience.

No special hardware to buy, no apps to download

This is all made possible by using everyday devices such as mobile phones, tablets and laptops that most people already have on hand. There are no apps to download – the web browser already on each device is all that is needed.

Simple to use

Piano At Home is very easy to set up and use. After registration a pair of url links will be emailed to you; one for students and one for you, the teacher.

  1. Forward the the student link email to all of your students who will be taking Piano At Home online lessons.
  2. When the time arrives for a lesson just tap the teacher link on your tablet or laptop to start the teacher application. The student taps the student link on their tablet or laptop and the face to face video and audio connection is established within seconds.
  3. Then, at both ends, a mobile phone is used to scan the QR code shown on the screen using the phones native camera app (most camera apps will automatically recognize a QR code and show the associated url link).
  4. Tap the url link that pops up in the camera app and the phone becomes the video webcam that provides the view of the piano keyboard to the other end of the connection.

Best results are obtained if the phone can be fixed in place with a selfie stick mounted on something to look down at the piano keys, but other arrangements will also work. See the video tutorials section for a few ideas.

More reliable

Piano At Home uses peer-to-peer technology that is built into modern web browsers. The video and audio streams are connected directly from one end to the other, there is no server in between.

What this means is that the connection uses the shortest possible route provided by the internet which equates to greater reliability and less likelihood of annoying drop-outs during your lessons.


Piano At Home has been made available at a significantly reduced subscription fee for Simply Music teachers. See the pricing page for details.

Please click this registration link and enter your details. You will need to provide your Simply Music teacher number during the registration process.

After you have registered, a pair of Piano At Home teacher/student url links will emailed to you as soon as your registration has been approved (usually within a short time). Once you receive your links you can begin taking online lessons using Piano At Home, right away!